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Stephen Semple

Wow, what a geek.  Business geek that is.  Stephen Semple studies, dissects and decodes the not so secret success of business empires.  He has always strived to understand what amazing companies did to become amazing.  This has lead him on a journey through all aspects of business and eventual to be noticed by Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads himself.

Stephen's ability to take big business thinking and theory and make it easily understandable for the masses is astounding. Through his many appearances and talks with the American Small Business Institute he has gain the respect of his peers and is sought after for business advice and counselling throughout North America.


Stephen is now the the Director of Wizard of Ads Canada and the upcoming Canadian Wizard Academy Marketing School.  His podcast, The Empire Builders Podcast, was created to help owner operated business owners, marketing professionals and business geeks like himself understand how to win.  Winning is crazy, but it is Stephen's brand of crazy. 

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